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The Faculty of Management Sciences presently comprises three Departments housed in a two story building along the College of Medicine where each Department occupies a separate floor to itself. The offices of the Dean, Head of Department of Business Administration, Faculty Officer and Lecturers of Business Administration, Marketing, and Industrial Relations and Personnel Management are located on the 2nd floor of the Faculty building. The Head of Department of Finance, other Administrative Staff and Lecturers in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, and Cooperative Economics and Management occupy the 1st floor of the Faculty building. Offices of the Head of Department of Accounting, Staff of the Bursary Department deployed to the Faculty, Faculty Library and Lecturers in Accounting, Entrepreneurship Studies, and Actuarial Science occupy the ground floor of the complex. The Faculty has about Fifty (50) full time academic staff with Four (4) Professors, Eight (8) Readers and many Senior Lecturers. Each floor of the building has a One Hundred (100) seater Seminar Room. We have about Four Thousand (4000) undergraduate students which represents over 18% of the entire undergraduate population of the University. We have PGD, MBA, M.Sc and Ph.D degree programmes in the Faculty; taught by very versed and experienced Senior Academics. At present, the Faculty has over Two Hundred (200) students at postgraduate level. Directly opposite the Faculty building complex are the Lecture Halls/Lecture Theatres of various sizes; many of which can conveniently seat Five Hundred (500) students.

My doors are open and I am available to attend to you in case you need clarification on issues about the Faculty. My office is the Dean’s Office, on the 2nd Floor of the Faculty of Management Sciences building complex. It is my pleasure to lead the Faculty at this time. There is a lot to do, I am energized and excited about what we have to offer and the many opportunities that await us in training our students, developing our Faculty and serving the Community.

Thank you for your interest and support.