EKSU Management Science


The Faculty of Management Sciences which was carved out from the then Faculty of the Social Sciences on 1st August, 2000 to operate as a full-fledged Faculty, started with three departments namely Accounting, Banking and Finance and Business Administration. The senate had since approved the change in the nomenclature of Department of Banking and Finance to Department of Finance. This was done to ameliorate the challenges that graduates of the department used to face in the employment market.

To expand the scope of academic programmes in the Faculty, the Senate of the University in her wisdom granted the commencement of six additional courses/programmes at the undergraduate level. These new programmes are to be hosted by the existing departments pending the grant to be autonomous in their operations. As at now, the courses/programmes in the Faculty are: Accounting; Actuarial Sciences; and Entrepreneurship Studies (hosted in the Department of Accounting): Business Administration; Industrial Relations and Personnel Management; and Marketing (hosted in the Department of Business Administration): Finance; Insurance and Risk Management; and Cooperative Studies and Rural Development (hosted in the Department of Finance). Presently the Faculty runs programmes both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in the field of Accounting, Business Administration and Management and Finance. These are done both as academic as well as professional status.

The Faculty has developed substantially over the year, she has not deviated from the visions and mission of their founding fathers of producing high quality graduates to the labour market as well as business owners that could compete globally. The Faculty had turn out thousands of graduates both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Faculty is blessed with qualified academic staff making her relevant as well as being a filler to sister institutions both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels programmes. Our courses are taught by a first-rate scholars and supported by a fine crop of non-teaching staff. The Faculty had full accreditation for all her existing old programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as resources accreditation for the new ones. We are preparing for the accreditation of the new programmes anytime from now believing and trusting God for a total breakthrough thereof. Thus, our students has great opportunities to benefit and continue to enjoy immensely from the wealth of experiences of our highly dependable, respected, and internationally acclaimed academia.

Efforts are on to nurture and build good, viable and formidable relationships with our alumni (to give back to their alma mater), employers, friends in the community and other important stakeholders. You will be kept abreast of development in this area as well as others as the development are unfolding, but more importantly our doors are open for your supports and ideas.

On the above note, you are warmly welcome to the Faculty of Management Sciences, Ekiti State University, Ado – Ekiti where we promised you quality education and moral upbringing. Remember that COVID19 pandemic is real, hence all specified COVID19 protocols are to be adhered to. Thank you for your interest and support.