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Welcome to the Department of Business Administration

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration. The Department is committed to providing quality education and professional training in Business Administration. The focus is to broaden the intellectual exposure of students in the discipline, develop their capacity to undertake rigorous and quality research in the core areas of the discipline, and apply theoretical understanding and research results to practical Business Administration and Management situations and problems. Department aims to:

(i)         provide and facilitate qualitative business management education, training of young men and women for initial entry into management career.

(ii)        provide for the development of teachers and researchers in business administration and management fields.

(iii)       engage in research into local and national business-related problems and contribute to the development and use of knowledge in the field of management, thereby helping to improve the practice of management.

(iv)       create employability skills in learners to suit the demand of the labour market with the use of 21st century teachers’ skills.